Presentation of Eurosteel

Eurosteel was established in 1999 in the city of Kielce, which is located in the south part of Poland by a Danish citizen Jan Geisshirt, he is controlling the daily production to guarantee the clients will receive the quality which they have ordered, at the delivery time which where agreed.

In May 2005, we bought a tool shop of 3000 m² with 4 cranes in it, each crane have a loading capacity of 5 tons. We have been modifying the building and our range of machinery, ever since.

Please have a look, at "Services" to see our list of our services and a description of our production machinery.

The company doesn´t have a steady production, we are working on "specific order" basis.

Our wide range of machinery enables us to manufacture almost any kind of structures, from small items made on the CNC lathe/milling up to big tank, at a price of 16 Euro/hour.

Eurosteel have 39 highly qualified and experienced employees.
All our welders have CE-welding certificates.

We have 4 mechanical engineers working by us, they are making drawings acc. To our clients wishes/designs and they are also making other engineering services.
They are able to work in: AutoCAD 3D, Inventor, SolidWORKS and SolidEDGE.
For these services we are charging 20 Eu./Working hour.

We are speaking 4 languages English, German, Danish and Polish.

Please have a look at our "reference map", to get bet better picture of what we have been producing for our clients, over the years.

Eurosteel is working at an international quality level, but at a polish price level.
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