Other services

In addition to previously mentioned services, we offer a comprehensive range of services of conventional metal processing:
  • Sheet cutting on our shear of maximum width 3000mm, and thickness 16mm of carbon steel
  • Rolling sheet metal of maximum width 2m using 3 rolls
  • Rolling cones / reduction of maximum width of 1m using 4 rolls
  • Deburring of elements having been plasma cut
  • Threading M3-M24
  • Spot welding of threaded taps, internal and external threads
  • Inserting of threaded rivets into plate items
Furthermore we offer:
  • Pulling of TEEs from thin-walled pipes, prefabrication of pipe systems and other kind of constructions made of stainless steel, carbon steel, according to our client wishes
  • Surface coating services in a cabin of 6,4m x 7,5m, wet painting and epoxy coating
  • Surface cleaning services in the room of 6.4m x 7.7m, sandblasting, shot blasting in SA 2.5 standard, glass blasting

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